Medic's support of 'burger flippers' hourly wage goes viral -

posted on 05 Aug 2015 02:29 by voicelesshomici63
Paramedic Jens Rushing mentioned he supports an income wage for nearly any job that will exists, and people ought to be much more upset of a CEO whom makes 400 occasions in which amount.

By EMS1 Staff

"They want us fighting more than which has the bigger pile associated with crumbs so we don't realize that they made off using nearly the entire damn cake," Rushing wrote.

The submit offers gone viral, along with near 31,000 shares as well as reviews by simply media outlets throughout the country.

NEW YORK -- a paramedic posted the potent message about Facebook in response for you to people complaining more than social media that will take out workers will now help to make around these people right after The Large Apple boosted minimal wage in order to $15 for each hour.